Outdoor recreation economy

Outdoor recreation is one of the biggest economic drivers in the United States. More Americans participate in outdoor recreation annually than attend NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL games combined. It is a proven fact that when leaders invest in outdoor recreation the result is healthier communities and economies.

The Outdoor Economy by the numbers:

  • The Outdoor Recreation Economy accounts for $887 billion in annual consumer spending in the US. That is a bigger spend than pharmaceuticals and fuel combined. 
  • The Outdoor Recreation Economy accounts for 7.6 million jobs in the US. More than industries like computer technology or insurance & finance.  
  • The Outdoor Recreation Economy generates $124.5 billion in Federal, State and local tax revenue every year. In doing so, supports healthy communities, contributes to a high quality of life, and attracts and sustains businesses and families. 

*2017 Outdoor Industry Association report