We are bold. We are honest. And we eagerly tap our clients into our network of event producers and adventure travel professionals to bring immediate and tangible results to our customers.


To often Destination Marketing Organizations spend big bucks with consulting companies that develop business or strategic plans that ultimately end up on the shelf collecting dust. Although critical, the plan is only half the battle.  We believe in action. Before we wrap up any project, we align our clients with event producers, tour operators and media, all of whom can drive business.


Fred Brodsky


From 2011- 2016, Fred served as Director of Group Sales & Events for the Snowmass Village, Colorado Tourism office. During that time, he led the town through a period of unprecedented growth with occupancy increasing approximately 105%. While in Snowmass, Fred became involved with the Adventure Travel Trade Association developing a large network of tour operators and media in this rapidly growing segment of the travel market.

Although Fred is an outdoor enthusiast, he hasn’t always worked in destinations known for nature. From 1998 to 2009, Fred owned and operated Paramount Destination Services and Vegas Props. Both the MICE-based DMC and design house showcased his ability to build business in one of the most competitive markets in the world, Las Vegas. 

With GGA Consulting, Fred brings an ability to adapt business models to unique circumstances and he possesses a book of industry contacts to help customers succeed in the adventure travel side of the outdoor economy.

David Elkan


David is connected to the biggest and best outdoor event producers in the country. From obstacle race producers to brewers’ guilds and absolutely everything in between, David knows them all.  And if he doesn’t know them, he finds them! 

With a background in outdoor events and sponsor activations, David began his career in destination marketing in 2006 in Snowmass Village, CO. Among other things, he was responsible for bringing outdoor events to Snowmass to both fill rooms and provide vitality in a destination that was notoriously “sleepy” in the non-ski months. 

Not only did David successfully recruit a myriad of events to Snowmass, he was very hands-on through the planning and operational phases of them. Because of this, David formed very close relationships with the top outdoor event producers in the country and they all take his calls without hesitation

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